I suck with money No, Really When I first got out of college, I managed to land a job paying me $25/hr with $0/yr in bills. I was working full time and even a little bit over. After taxes, I was bringing home close to $700 every week. I was incredibly lucky and had a lot of opportunity ahead of me. It would be reasonable, then, for someone to ask me something like “How much money did you put up?

Why Data Science?

$ whoami_ In 2015 I started my professional career with a mostly-undefined IT position. The department I was working for knew they wanted an intern but really couldn’t figure out what exactly for. After weeks of “Look busy™” and “Put this into a spreadsheet,” they ran out of busywork. As my internship came to an end, I had managed to impress a couple of other departments heads by coding some extremely basic HTML.